A long shot of the MLK building designed by architect David Barlew. The shot was taken with a slow shutter speed so that cars driving in front of the building look like blurs.
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We are an architecture and urban design practice located in Downtown Chattanooga. We have experience in the design and renovation of medical facilities, urban mixed-use developments, educational buildings, commercial centers, and community-led projects.

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A long shot of the Choo Choo express designed by David Barlew
A medium shot of the Choo Choo express designed by David Barlew

Choo Choo Express

Our client had the unique idea of making a car wash look like a train. He hoped it would entertain kids and attract families. Learning how to integrate the unique design with car wash equipment was a significant challenge. We used our expertise in the design of other complex project types like intensive care units to tackle this project.

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A wide-angle shot of the Tennessee Aquarium restroom renovation completed by David Barlew
A close-up of the faucets used in the Tennessee Aquarium restroom renovations.View Project

Tennessee Aquarium Facilities

The City of Chattanooga hired our team to refurbish the Aquarium Plaza's only bathroom facilities and upgrade them with long-lasting materials that won't fall out of fashion -- all while keeping a low budget. We used grand entries and smart materials to achieve their goals.

A long shot of the MLK building, designed by David Barlew
A medium shot, standing at its corner, of the MLK building designed by David Barlew
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Urban Redevelopment

MLK Building

The 28th CDC contracted our team to design a building that would catalyze the revitalization of the MLK corridor. Referencing our passion for urban redevelopment, we used urbanist principles to create a building that would encourage pedestrians to walk the boulevard.

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Choo Choo Express



We document your goals, needs, wants, equipment lists, and building-use information to develop project objectives.

Preliminary Site Planning

Site planning can get complicated when you need to interpret municipal code. We use our expertise to plan building placement.

Schematic Design

After understanding your goals, we create preliminary floor plans, elevations, and other drawings to illustrate the scope of your project.

Construction Documents

We prepare the necessary documentation Contractors need to construct your project.

Bid Procurement

We obtain detailed bids for your project from General Contractors.

Construction Administration

We visit your construction site to observe the Work, respond to challenges, coordinate changes, document progress, and provide additional instruction.

Color Renderings

We render two dimensional schematics into 3-D colored images for use in marketing.

Community Planning and Visioning

We work with community stakeholders to plan communities with a holistic, resident-guided approach.

Drafting Services

We create drawings for a wide variety of uses including casework, site documentation, and furniture layouts.


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