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Floating to the Top

by David Barlew, Jr. on 11/19/12

On Thursday, I attended CO.LAB's Will This Float? Chattanooga. Held at the Chattanooga Public Library's newly renovated and super-cool 4th Floor, wtfCHA was a competition between eighteen local (well, two were from Nashville) start-ups for $250,000 in investment capital.

The event was also a networking frenzy of Chattanooga's most influential young professionals.

wtfCHA was structured so that each start-up delivered a presentation to a panel of three judges. Later, the audience voted for a winner via text and/or twitter using the handle, @poll. The audience was asked to declare "If I had $100,000, I'd invest in this" by using the keyword "Floats".

In the end, the start-up, RootsRated, "floated". Presented by Fynn Glover, RootsRated is an "online recreation guide, curated and authored by independently owned specialty outdoor retailers". As I understand it, RootsRated provides information about outdoor recreation opportunities across the nation as well as other amenities one might need as part of an outdoor excursion, such as a place to grab a burrito after a hike.

wtfCHA was an exceptional event, and it showcased Chattanooga's incredible and diverse base of young, enthusiastic business talent.  I don't know if other cities have events comparable in magnitude to wtfCHA, but Chattanooga's energy, drive, and ambition were on display Thursday night.

Chattanooga is a city on the move and on the way up, and events like wtfCHA make this city's determined upward trajectory all the more apparent.


Photograph by David Barlew, Jr.

"Will This Float? is Thursday" Web. 16 November 2012.




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1. Craig Miller said on 11/19/12 - 07:08AM
It was a great event that is a great platform for our young entrepreneurs in Chattanooga. I anticipate hearing a lot more from a few of them.

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