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Chattanooga's Outdoor Gym

by David Barlew, Jr. on 09/11/12

Check this out: Chattanooga's Department of Parks and Recreation has installed what appears to be a new, public, outdoor gym along a walking path at Warner Park!



The public outdoor gym is organized into five exercise stations, each composed of two pieces of exercise equipment. The stations are spaced out along the pedestrian path that links the Chattanooga Zoo, the public pool, and the softball fields. The spacing of the stations seems ideal for high-energy circuit training; between sets on the equipment, one could add in sprints between the various stations.



This wonderful outdoor exercise facility includes ten pieces of exercise equipment. There are stations for push-ups, sit-ups, dips, crunches, pull-ups, chin-ups, squats, and many other exercises.



There are also stations for plyometric exercises, core work, balance training, and agility exercises.



Warner Park's public outdoor gym makes it possible to perform at least eighty different exercises. Each piece of exercise equipment is annotated with a helpful, informative, easy-to-read sign that details and explains at least eight different exercises for each individual piece of equipment.



I discovered this great addition to Warner Park earlier this summer while walking to Warner Park's public pool to swim laps. Once the weather cools down, I'm planning on using this equipment for some outdoor work-outs. I'll be able to do great, full-body, body-weight workouts using this equipment provided by the City's Department of Parks and Recreation.



In addition to the information about exercises, this outdoor facility also includes information about cooling down after a work-out.



The equipment for Warner Park's outdoor gym is provided by a company called Play&Park Structures, a Playcore company. Playcore is based in downtown Chattanooga.


I am so happy to see this outdoor exercise equipment installed at Warner Park. I already have a gym membership, but the chance to train under the big blue sky out in the fresh air is an opportunity I can't pass up. Training on these stations will be a wonderful way to incorporate more variety into my work-out schedule and increase my time spent outdoors. I'm looking forward to using Warner Park's outdoor gym, and I hope other Chattanoogans are as well.


All photographs by David Barlew, Jr.

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