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Architect's Snow Day

by David Barlew, Jr. on 02/14/14

All work and no play makes for a boring, boring Architect.


So, when Mother Nature blanketed Chattanooga with several inches of beautiful, school-cancelling, office-closing snowfall, I decided to go out and play.


Play for an Architect, though, still requires some rigor. Those stereotypes about us... yeah, they're kind of true.


So, what resulted when I took to the snow is a six-level, square pyramid made from blocks I formed and cut by hand.


Seeing that the public art mounting pad was vacant, I decided to put up my own installation. I call it "Snowchitecture".


All photographs by David Barlew, Jr.

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1. _emily_rose said on 2/14/14 - 08:00AM
I love it!!
2. David, Jr. said on 2/14/14 - 08:04AM
Thank you! I actually a little sore from making it!
3. Erin Stevens said on 2/14/14 - 09:38AM
So cool! I wonder how long it will stay around!
4. David, Jr. said on 2/17/14 - 08:02AM
A lot of it was still there late on Friday. Not sure if any of it survived the weekend.

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